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5 décor ideas to think about for your wedding cake “table”

Hello! I’m Sophie, from The Little Details by Sophie, Gemma has allowed me to take over her blog (very brave of her!) for the day to talk about what you put on your wedding cake table, where you put it, what kind of table you should have, anything to do with the styling of your cake table really… So, here are a few things to think about when it comes to your cake.

3 tiered Modern white textured cake, with white roses and black and white dried flowers. The cake is on a tall black pin hair stand on a table that is decorated with black and white candles and matching decor.
Charlotte Razzell Photography

1.Where do you put your wedding cake table?

I have spent the morning reading up on what other people have been saying and the conclusion is along the wall, at the end of the reception room or in a corner, so that it doesn’t get knocked over… Well you’ve seen Dirty Dancing right? “Nobody puts baby in the corner!”.

Why would you spend hundreds of pounds on your wedding cake to then hide it away and only get it out when you cut it? I have never, in my time of doing weddings, seen the wedding cake being knocked over, and by the time people are rowdy and are likely to knock it over, the cake has been cut up anyway, so make it a feature, make it stand out and show off the best cake you will ever spend your money on.

2. What size table do you need for your wedding cake?

Do you need a table? Why don’t you use a dressing table, or a piano, a bookshelf or a ladder? Is there a staircase you aren’t using during the day that could be turned into a feature and your new cake table? Or, you could even go crazy and put it in the middle of the top table?

If you’re going for a table, then this is probably not the answer you want to hear, but it can be whatever size you like, as long as your cake fits…

4 tiered boho style cake. Bottom tier is an orange rust colour with an ombre effect going up the cake. There is a beautiful bunch of sugar roses and foliage on the front of the cake to match the boho colour scheme.
Amie Raw Photography

3. What do you put on a cake table?

Now this is my favourite question!

Please don’t just leave your cake table empty. You need to make sure your cake stands out. So either make it the highest thing on the table, or whatever you put on the table make sure it contrasts with your cake. For example, if your cake is white, have dark green candles. Flowers, flowers around your cake can look absolutely incredible, or have a hanging installation above it, to draw focus to it! Fill it with textures, have different fabrics around it, a super funky table cloth or fill it with a variety of candles and candlesticks.

Are you having a table cloth? PLEASE make sure someone irons it, an un-ironed table cloth will be the only thing that stands out in your photos and you do not want that!

4. When should you put your cake out?

I’m a big advocate for having your cake out all day long (Gemma may say different), but I love it when the cake is out and a big feature has been made out of it. I mean, if it’s buttercream and you’re in a blazing hot marquee then maybe not, it will slip and slide. You then need to find someone you trust to get it out for you (preferably a sober, insured supplier, this is when it’s good to have an on the day coordinator)…

Black, purple and white ombre cake with a silver leaf covered separator. There are white sugar roses on the corners of two of the tiers.
Hannah Timms Photography

5. How do you arrange a cake table?

I honestly don’t think there is a simple answer to this. So many blog posts say symmetrically, and yes, go for it if you want your cake table to look like everyone else’s. I know I kind of have to say this, but if you want your cake table to look as amazing as your cake (that has been lovingly designed, baked and decorated by Gemma), then I highly recommend hiring a stylist.

Now it’s time to plug myself, right?

I absolutely love working with Gemma and if you want your cake to stand out and your cake table to look fabulous but don’t know where to start, please let her know as I am more than happy to create a package for her clients (yes, her clients only), for wedding cake table styling! I’ll check out your moodboards, pop some ideas together, let you know what you will need and I can then come with Gemma and set up your incredible table.

That’s enough from me, I will now hand Gemma’s blog back to her!

The Little Details by Sophie styling a table at a wedding.
Charlotte Razzell Photography

Much love,




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