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Your top 10 wedding cake questions answered..

Buying a wedding cake is not the kind of thing you do weekly. With so much to think about, where do you even start?! Here are 10 of the most commonly asked wedding cake questions and their answers. I hope these help you on your wedding cake journey!


1. How much does a wedding cake cost?

This is very much a 'how long is a piece of string' type answer. Cake designers across the country vary greatly in the prices they charge. The first thing you have to consider is how big your cake is going to be and what design you would like. Are you thinking of have fresh flowers or sugar flowers? A semi-naked cake or a sugarpaste covered cake? For example, a 5 tier sugarpaste covered cake with sugar flowers and handpainted elements will be a much larger investment than a 2 tier semi naked cake. Then you need to consider your cake makers level of experience, their skill set and the quality of their ingredients. Cheap cake isn't always the best option if you are looking for high quality.

As a guide, you can find my 'starting from' price list here.

A close up picture of a white cake with soft pastel flowers down the left hand side.
Oliver Harris Photography

2. Will my wedding cake be delivered to the venue?

All of my cakes are hand delivered to the venue, then stacked and decorated in situ. I'm very much a perfectionist and my cakes are like my babies until the moment I hand the paperwork over to your venue to say that it is all delivered for you. If you are having any fresh flowers on your cake, I will always set these up myself at the venue. This ensures that you get as long as possible out of them (flowers don't like to be out of water!) and means I can set them up exactly how I envisioned in your design. It also puts less pressure on the florist, who more than likely isn't insured to touch the cake anyway. Another thing to bear in mind is that all deliveries come with a delivery charge. This will be mentioned on your first quote, before you even confirm your booking with me.

A flatlay picture of single slice of sticky toffee pudding cake alongside dates and a pots of salted caramel sauce.
Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

3. Can I have different flavours in each tier?

I highly recommend it! What's the fun in having three tiers if you can't have three different flavours?! Always remember that the bottom tier is the biggest, so make sure that is your favourite flavour!

During the wedding day, there is often not much opportunity to sit down and enjoy your wedding cake. This is why I advise couples to make sure the kitchen at the venue saves a few slices (or even half!) of each flavour for you to have the following day. There's nothing worse than spending weeks getting all excited for your wedding cake, just to not end up eating any. This can be discussed during your wedding journey with me and I will pop it on your paperwork also for when I deliver your cake. Have a little drool over my cake menu here.

4. Will I be given a cake stand and a cake cutting knife?

Most venues will have a cake cutting knife that you can use for photos, and they may also offer you a stand for your cake. These are often the traditional silver square ones, which can look out of place depending on your cake design and set up. I have a small (but growing!) collection of cake stands which I hire out to my couples. They come with a hire charge of between £20-£50 and a deposit, which you will receive back on safe return of the stand. During the design process, I will ask about the cake table and your ideas for styling it. I can then use this information, along with the wedding cake design, to suggest a cake stand that will suit your style of wedding.

A close up image of pink and blue fresh flowers on a semi naked cake.
Olivia Whitbread-Roberts Photography

5. Can I have flowers on my cake?

Of course! I am a huge fan of flowers on wedding cakes, whether they are fresh, dried or sugar. Fresh flowers will obviously be the most cost effective option, but they also have a very short life, whereas sugar flowers can be kept indefinitely if stored in the right conditions. If you would like fresh flowers in your cake design, I will always buy these through your florist. By doing it this way, I can ensure all of the flowers throughout your wedding day are the same colour and variety. I will speak to your florist myself and arrange everything, so you don't need to do a thing.

6. How much cake do I need?

This will be dependent on how many guests you have attending and whether the cake is likely to be served as a full dessert or as part of a buffet in the evening. And of course whether you are big cake eaters! A lot of cake designers will recommend only having a cake for around 70% of the guests, as not everyone eats cake, but there are also people like me who will have a piece of each flavour! This is why I always recommend a cake size that will feed everyone. And if there's cake left over..? Cake for breakfast it is! And when has that ever been a problem..?

A cake tasting box filled with 7 different cake flavours, a bag of fudge, two brownie hearts and a fork.
Charlotte Razzell Photography

7. Can I try the cake before I buy it?

I highly recommend trying my cakes before buying it, after all, cake is meant for eating! I offer cake tasting boxes at intervals throughout the year, depending on my workload. These can be ordered independently, so are perfect if you want to try the flavours before committing to booking, or just fancy some cake! Cake tasting boxes take a long time to put together (we are talking a good three days!) so they come with a small charge of £35 and are only made 3-4 times a year. As a couple who have made an enquiry with me, you will always be offered the opportunity to secure one before anyone else. And I recommend setting an evening aside to indulge in some cake with a glass of bubbly or two!

8. What if I have friends/family with dietary needs?

Unfortunately my kitchen is not an allergen free zone, so I can't make cakes for anyone with any dietary needs. I do however work very closely with BB's Gluten Free Bakery who bake the most beautiful gluten and dairy free treats. If you are in need of something allergen free, I always recommend contacting one of the team at BB's and they will make something to work with your colour scheme/theme of the day that will also match your cake perfectly! No one should have to miss out on cake!

A 4 tiered dark purple to white ombre cake, decorated with white sugar roses.
Hannah Timm Photography

9. When do I need to pay for my cake?

So you have paid your date deposit, enjoyed a super yummy cake tasting box and we have completed your cake design. So what happens next? I will put together a contract containing everything about your cake and your big day, including contact telephone numbers for both parties, a supplier list and most importantly, the time of your wedding. Once this contract has all been filled in, I will send a copy off to you in the post (like the good old days!) This will outline how much is left to be paid on your cake and when it should be paid by, which is 6 weeks before your wedding date.

10. Do I have to have a white cake?!

You may have noticed from looking around my website, but I am a HUGE fan of colour! It is your wedding day and it should be done your way. If that means a bright pink cake with a cascade of roses, let's do it! During the design process, I will ask what colours you are using throughout the wedding and use them to create your dream wedding cake.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss getting your wedding cake booked in with me, get in touch via my contact form. I can't wait to hear from you!


Gemma x


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