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How to incorporate colour into your high end wedding

When we think 'high end' or 'elegant' wedding, we often think of a very white wedding. With a white dress, white roses, white wedding cars.. but why should it always be white? Your wedding is about you as a couple coming together to create one unit. So let's bring elements of your personality and style into your big day. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate pops of colour into your décor, from a single colour that dominates the day, to small accents that lift the overall feel of your wedding.


1. Pick a theme..

Maybe your heart feels happiest near the ocean, or sunflowers make your day just that bit brighter. Picking a theme to your day means that you can centre every aspect of your décor around one idea, keeping everything aligned and together.

A beach/ocean theme is a very popular aesthetic for weddings in Cornwall, with different blue tones being used as softly or as heavily as needed.

Married couple cutting into 3 tier blue ombre cake with white and blue flowers at Lusty Glaze Beach
Albion Row Photography
a hanging garland of blue and white flowers and foliage at Lusty Glaze Beach
Albion Row Photography/Flowers by Blossom & Kelp

2. Use different shades of one colour..

Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than many different shades of one colour being put together. From the palest of peaches, all the way through to a beautiful burnt orange. And there's no better way to do this than through your flowers. Using the same flowers in the bouquets, buttonholes, table centrepieces and even in an archway, can really bring some life to a single colour wedding, without taking away from that real sophisticated feel.

Soft pastel flowers running up a staircase at Polstrong Manor
Pink Wave Photography/Flowers by Perdies Flowers
Soft pastel bridal bouquet photographed under bride's veil at Polstrong Manor
Pink Wave Photography/Flowers by Perdies Flowers

3. Go bold!

Big focal points around your venue will give you a fun, colourful vibe without being overwhelming. From bold signage by your bar area, big drape like curtains for your top table backdrop or a jaw-dropping cake table set up (hint, hint!), these will draw the eyes of your guests and will really pack a punch as opposed to a crisp white overall look.

Bright jewel tone floral display at the end of a dark wooden sideboard at Scarlet Hotel
Victoria Walker Photography/Flowers by Hayley Scott Bridal

4. Let the tables do the talking..

When it comes to the wedding reception, most of the space is taken up by chairs and tables, so why not utilise that! Linen napkins and chargers are a perfect way to add a pop of colour, whilst also being a functional aspect of your day. Tapered candles in pretty candlestick holders lined up and down your tables are a great addition, no matter how bright or subtle you want to go. Think about using different height candles too. Small touches like this really do make all the difference.

Close up of table setting featuring pink candles and neutral linen
Pink Wave Photography/Styling by The Little Details By Sophie
Table set up with pink accents and candles with tall grey marble cake at the far end.
Pink Wave Photography/Styling by The Little Details By Sophie

5. Dressing in colour..

Whether you are going all out in a floor length ballgown or for a more sophisticated look in a tailored suit, why not use your wedding outfit as a way to bring in your colour? Who says it has to be white?! Or if a rich teal ensemble is a bit too bold for you, dress your wedding besties in different shades of your chosen colour. Let them bring the pop of colour to your special day.

Bride with two bridesmaids in blue dresses showing off their cowboy boots
Albion Row Photography

6. It's time for cake!

Well it had to be mentioned didn't it.. use your cake as your focal piece. I love a bit of colour on a wedding cake. Whether it's bright pink flowers to match the wedding bouquets, a deep burgundy bottom tier to match the stationery, or you want to go all out with a forest green cake.. I am here for it! Your wedding cake is possibly the most expensive cake you will ever buy, let's make it the jaw-dropping centrepiece you so deserve. And don't forget the cake table. Different sized candles, flowers, signage and fabric can all be used to inject some 'wow' into your display. The possibilities are literally endless.

Two tier buttercream cake with bright jewel tone flowers and dog models.
Victoria Walker Photography
3 tier blue ombre wedding cake with gold accents and blue and white flowers.
Albion Row Photography

To find out more about how to book your cake in with me, get in touch via my contact form. I can’t wait to hear from you!


Gemma x


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